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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2020 proposed Property Restrictions.  We will be building this page moving forward so please come back and check for new additions.
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  • chevron_rightAre there rules for fences?
    Yes. Fences are not to be used in front of a residence, can not be taller than 60", and must conform to an open design of no less than 2/3rds (67%) open.
  • chevron_rightCan I attend board meetings?
    Yes. Board meetings are open to the public. Monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7 PM at Victor Township Hall.
  • chevron_rightWhen are No Wake hours?
    Taken directly from our Rules & Regulations (3. c.)
    "No person may water ski or conduct other high speed operations with a mechanically propelled watercraft before 10 am or later than 9 pm (May, June, July), 8:30 pm all other months (August to April). Maximum speed after the evening cut-off time shall be 5 miles per hour."
Proposed Property Restrictions
  • chevron_rightWhat will be the new dues amount assessed per lot?
    Per the proposed Property Restrictions: “Amount Assessed. In order to maintain and improve the Lake Victoria community commencing April 1, 2021 and on April 1st of each year thereafter, the Owner of each Lot shall pay to the Association an annual assessment of $200. A second contiguous lot will be assessed 20% of the annual assessment, and each additional lot will be assessed the full amount. When a third contiguous lot is required for construction of a single family dwelling, in order to meet buildings codes, the third lot shall be considered as a second lot in terms of assessment. A half lot will be assessed 50% of the annual assessment unless it is a second contiguous lot and then it will be assessed 20% of the annual assessment.”
  • chevron_rightWhen can members vote?
    The first opportunity to vote will be at the Annual Meeting on March 8, 2020. Additional dates will be announced thereafter. The vote will remain open for at least 7 months (target completion date of October 1, 2020). The vote will need a minimum of 50% + 1 ‘yes’ votes of deed holders (and spouses) from each of the five subdivisions in order to pass.
  • chevron_rightHow can members vote?
    Voting must be done in person, as original signatures are required. A ‘yes’ vote is considered a signature on the official voting document by the deed holder for each lot owned. If the deed holder is married, a spouse’s signature is also required, even if the spouse is not a deed holder, in order to comply with Michigan law pertaining to marital property. Members will need a valid photo ID to cast a vote.
  • chevron_rightHow do members vote ‘no’?
    A non-signature is considered a ‘no’ vote. A member who wishes to vote ‘no’ can either decline to sign the official voting document or write ‘decline’ on the signature line of each lot owned by that member.