Treasure Sales Map and Registration

                                                      June 17-18-19
To have your sale added to this map and listed below send an email to John from our Contact Us page listing your:
  • Street address
  • Sale hours
  • Sale dates
The map below is interactive, click to pan and zoom. To see the full size map click the "View larger map" button in the top right corner of the map title bar. Addresses are listed below the map.
6601 Victoria Shore Drive    
6620 Westview Drive 9am - 4pm June 17-18-19
6611 Victoria Shore Drive 9am - 4pm June 17-18
6593 Peninsula Way    
6734 Meridian Rd 9am - 4pm
June 17-18
9535 Buckingham Circle 9am - 4pm June 17-18
9020 Jason Rd 9am - 4pm June 17-18
6787 Highland Drive
9am - 4pm
June 17-18
9749 Jason Rd 9am June 17-18