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UPDATE: September 18, 2018
The Special Assessment failed to pass with 57% Yes to 43% No votes.  To pass 67% Yes votes were needed.
The project is hereby suspended.

The Problem
The channels of Lake Victoria have filled in with organic sediment that is not only impeding boat traffic but is also harmful to our lake’s inlets and biological balance. This suspended sediment is clogging the channels and flowing into the larger area of the lake, gradually filling it in.
The Solution
Measures need to be taken to remove sediment and organic debris from the two channels. The Board has chosen two contractors to accomplish that task.  Each contractor has very different techniques and challenges that make them the better choice for one site over the other.
Mid-Michigan Ponds has been selected by the Board to provide the solution for the South channel.
Sediment Removal System has been selected by the Board to provide the solution for the West channel.
Project Funding is by Special Assessment
The Board is seeking a $225 special assessment per lot.  This could be paid in one lump sum or installments of $47 per year over the next 5 years.
Potential income:
657 lots @ $225 per lot = $147,825

The project’s proposed expenses for both channels will depend on the final approval of the bid by one or more contractors plus contingencies, not to exceed $147,825.

The board is recommending approval of this measure so that the south channel project can be completed in 2018 and the north channel in 2019.  Please show your support and vote!
There have been questions regarding what would happen with any excess funds.  The Special Assessment budget will be maintained and managed separately from our general funds (as is always done).  By policy, any excess funds from any Special Assessment would only be used on infrastructure, brick and mortar type items.  For example, this could be beach sand or playground equipment and the like.
Vote at Special Meeting
A Special Meeting will be held September 18th, 6:45 pm at Victor Twp. Hall to vote on the Special Assessment. Please note, the vote is for the assessment only, not deciding on the contractor.
A copy of the Notice of Special Meeting can be found here.
A permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has been obtained.
Please select the following links to view the contractors' proposals in detail.
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