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  • chevron_rightWhat is the $3 additional fee on my dues invoice?
    tldr: It is to cover increased costs due to time and labor of our paid treasurer.  The missing description on the invoice was an error on our part.  Sorry for any confusion.
    To avoid this fee:
    • Login to our website and select Your Profile at the top right
    • Click  Update Profile then select No to opt out of paper invoicing
    • Scroll down and click Save
    Several years ago, we went to a new website. That website is designed for HOA's and property management. We have found over the last few years that we have been underutilizing that website. To try to streamline things for the association, we are attempting to have as many members as possible utilize electronic invoicing. Over the last year we have started informational campaigns to try to encourage people to go to electronic invoicing. As costs have gone up over the last several years, it has gotten more and more expensive for us to print out, process and mail invoices to the members. We have approximately 457 property owners so hundreds of invoices need to be printed out, processed, stuffed in envelopes, have postage put on them, and mailed. As a result of the recent campaign, out of the 457 property owners, a little over 100 of them have opted in for electronic billing. Just this year, the Treasurer put in over 24 hours just to process the bills to go out for the annual dues. Of those 24 hours, over 20 hours was spent printing invoices, stuffing the envelopes, putting postage on them, and traveling to the Post Office and mailing them. For those that opted for electronic invoicing, that takes just a couple of clicks for the Treasurer to generate it and send it out by email. If property owners elect to receive electronic invoices, they do not incur the processing fee regardless of the payment method they use.
    Last year if you recall, we did away with the paper park passes and went to a permanent plastic pass. This was to save time and money as we did not have to pay someone to print out the passes and the stickers, put the stickers on the passes, and mail them with the invoices. In an attempt to streamline the Association’s operations, last year the Board discussed and voted on instituting a processing fee to help defray the Association’s costs to process bills that are still being done by hand, while at the same time encouraging members to go to electronic invoicing. When the passes were mailed out last year, an informational sheet was included, which had an explanation for this new fee. Looking back on it, we have not provided any communication and did not label the $3 processing fee on the bills, which we understand has caused some confusion, understandably so. That is a failing on our part. We should have communicated it a few more times over the year and have put it on the bills to avoid confusion. We strive to be transparent and put as much information out as possible. In this case we didn’t and we accept the responsibility for that oversight.
    We understand that while many people are comfortable with electronic invoices and paying electronically, many members still are not comfortable with the process and have no desire to do so. We will never do away with manual invoicing and payments until everyone chooses to go to electronic invoicing. If you choose to go electronic, your invoice will be sent to you electronically and you may pay either electronically or by check, whichever method you prefer. If you choose to send a check in, there is no processing fee. Any fees incurred by electronic payments are between you as the payer and whichever institution or method you use to pay electronically. We also understand that some are uncomfortable with PayPal, so over the course of the next year we will be trying to switch over to a new payment system which will accept many modes of electronic payment which members may be more comfortable with. 
    Recently we sent out an email blast to the membership. Included in that email blast were instructions on how to go to the Association website at www.lakevictoriapoa.com and elect to receive a paper invoice if you still wanted one. We will be changing that over so when you register on the website the default method will be electronic and you will have to opt to receive a paper invoice. 
    We hope this answers your questions and provides some context for why this happened this year. After having several conversations with a few members over the past weeks, we completely understand how we could have better communicated this change and placed a notation on the invoices to avoid the confusion. As we are switching from the way things have been done the last 30 years or so to more modern and efficient electronic means we will do what we can to communicate better with the membership. The ultimate goal is to have the association website serve as one stop shopping, not just for the management of the association, but for a source of information and a way for everyone to communicate and stay in touch with our community.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I make sure I'm receiving an electronic invoice?
    We have heard concerns in the past over site security and the Association website. This past year, we were able to obtain a security certificate and further secure our site for voting and electronic payments. The HOA dues bills will be going out in early February. Dues payments for 2024-2025 are due by April 1st, 2024.
    We have been trying to go electronic as much as possible to reach more members and cut down on labor, printing, and mailing costs. We have successfully updated our website for electronic billing, you can help us by ensuring your profile on the site is accurate. Your profile can be found here:
    If you would like to continue to receive a paper invoice, update your website profile address information, and select Yes for a paper invoice. Just a reminder, if you choose to still receive a paper invoice in the US Mail, there is a $3 processing fee. If you choose to pay electronically, any additional fees are between the payer and whichever electronic vendor they use. If you choose to make your payment by check and mail it in, there is no processing fee.

    Over the next year, we will also be utilizing our Association website more to take advantage of the functions it has for the management of the Association. Please visit the website and utilize its features to stay in touch with your neighbors and our Community.
  • chevron_rightAre there rules for fences?
    Yes. Fences are not to be used in front of a residence, can not be taller than 60", and must conform to an open design of no less than 2/3rds (67%) open.
  • chevron_rightCan I attend board meetings?
    Yes. Board meetings are open to the public. Monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7 PM at Victor Township Hall.
  • chevron_rightWhen are No Wake hours?
    Taken directly from our Rules & Regulations (3. c.)
    "No person may water ski or conduct other high speed operations with a mechanically propelled watercraft before 10 am or later than 9 pm (May, June, July), 8:30 pm all other months (August to April). Maximum speed after the evening cut-off time shall be 5 miles per hour."