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  • chevron_rightAre there rules for fences?
    Yes. Fences are not to be used in front of a residence, can not be taller than 60", and must conform to an open design of no less than 2/3rds (67%) open.
  • chevron_rightCan I attend board meetings?
    Yes. Board meetings are open to the public. Monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7 PM at Victor Township Hall.
  • chevron_rightWhen are No Wake hours?
    Taken directly from our Rules & Regulations (3. c.)
    "No person may water ski or conduct other high speed operations with a mechanically propelled watercraft before 10 am or later than 9 pm (May, June, July), 8:30 pm all other months (August to April). Maximum speed after the evening cut-off time shall be 5 miles per hour."