About Us

Lake Victoria is our 139 acre private lake for property owner use only. It is surrounded by 5 subdivisions; Highland Hills, Imperial Shores, Royal Shores, Victoria Hills, and Westchester Heights. The lake was founded/created back in the mid-1960s and has grown steadily ever since. Many of our residents have been out at the lake for more than 30 years.

Our common properties consist of boat launches, lakefront parks, off-lake parks, islands and a pavilion area which even has a hidden baseball diamond across the street next to the pole barn. You have full use of these facilities providing you are a member in good standing. On any given day, you will be sharing these facilities more than likely, as many take advantage of what they have to offer.

The numerous benefits we utilize the lake for include: fishing, sailing, swimming, tubing, skiing, and boating. Winter time activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and ice skating. Your Lake Victoria Board is a volunteer board consisting of property owners like yourselves. They have volunteered to govern your facilities, expenses and the well being of the lake. This is all volunteer time and efforts. All of us benefit as a result of increased property values and a sense of belonging to the community. If you have an interest in fulfilling your obligation to assist in this effort, don't hesitate to get involved.

Some quick LVPOA facts:

We have 675 lots around the association, along with other association-owned property. Of those lots, 657 are owned by the property owners, the balance by LVPOA. These common properties (under a previous board resolution, and much hard work by Dean Mohney), cannot be sold without great tax penalties to the association. Mr. Mohney put in great time and effort to get these properties to be property tax-exempt for the LVPOA.

Our goal is to keep the lake and common areas in good shape for the enjoyment of all our members. The 2008 Special Assessment (which passed by a 136-10 margin), will allow us to better keep these facilities in great shape. Once the dam/spillway repairs are completed, we will be using these monies for beach upgrades (Highland and South beaches are already done), boat ramp repairs on both ends of the lake, and other cosmetic upgrades to our public areas. Thanks again for your support.

According to reports from local real estate professionals, the lake association homes in Laingsburg (including Scenic Lake), have nearly double the resale amounts as homes not in a lake association. Ask your realtor for more information.