~*~ Ind Day Fireworks! ~*~

Independence Day Celebrations 2024
The Lake Victoria fireworks show will be on Friday, July 5th, and the boat parade on Saturday, July 6th beginning at 1 PM at the south launch.
The fireworks show is funded entirely by donations from association members. If you wish to donate please do so via the Online Payments page.
Hover over the progress bar to see the $ amount and percentage toward the goal.
Fireworks Donations
$0 $7,000
Here is a shout-out to our residents that have contributed. Thank you!
Carol L 3/10 $100
Jennifer J 3/22 $100
Brittany B 4/7 $25
Mike W 4/10 $100
Michael M 4/13 $100
Oscar C 4/14 $20
Kevin P 4/14 $25
Kasey K 5/18 $100
Donations can be made in person to any of the Board of Directors or preferably use the Online Payments feature. Thank you!